Alarm Response

You probably know well the inconvenience and potential danger that business owners face when responding to alarms at their properties. When the alarm goes off, the monitoring company alerts the police and either you or a key-holding employee must attend.

Alarm calls are almost always outside of business hours, often in the middle of the night, and in any weather. False alarms with police response often result in a service fee in many municipalities. Therefore, for reasons of safety, liability and cost, business owners are increasingly outsourcing alarm response.

  • Our alarm response is your single point of contact for efficient and effective alarm response for your properties.

  • No longer do YOU or an EMPLOYEE would have to attend an alarm in the middle of the night, or face for police attendance to false alarms. Let Enfield Security be the main point of contact for your alarm monitoring company and leave it to us to deliver the superior service that we are known for.

  • Enfield will provide the key-holding and locking/unlocking service, as well as immediate alarm response with our trained security officers in marked patrol vehicles.

  • Our Response Team will give you peace of mind and the freedom to get on with your business. And we offer a safe alternative to putting you or your staff in harm’s way when responding to call-outs.

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