Camera Enforcement/ CCTV

Enfield Security Services Company knows security camera surveillance is one of the most effective crime prevention tools. This is why we use closed circuit television (CCTV) as an integral part of our business.

External and internal theft means a down turn in profit, a CCTV security system can assist to prevent or deter this from occurring in your business. Wherever you want to monitor activity within Canada, we can deliver and install the most effective and technologically advanced security systems to suit your purposes for business and home.

Enfield Security Services currently supplies and supports camera surveillance equipment and digital video recording solutions for sites ranging from major industrial properties such as, large hotel establishments, large dining and leisure facilities, and major retail outlets. We also have security solutions for small businesses with one or two camera retail outlets and private homes. Our systems are professionally designed to deter criminal activity as well as provide digitally recorded images of incidents at your home or business.

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